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Path of Awareness A3 Artprint


”Path of Awareness” (εικονογράφηση για το αφιέρωμα Αngel Eyes στην Ιαπωνία)
(…)”I see you ‘ve managed to take off that damned mask, kid! So you must have already mastered the Path of Self-Awareness!” The old dragon was more than surprised. And the boy who was now a young man gently replied to him.
“No, I ‘m far from mastering such a thing, Sire. This mask has been taken off by the people who believed in me”.
The great river-serpent was even more satisfied now.
-“I see… That ‘s magnificent, Eien!” He spoke the boy’s true name and then smiled wholeheartedly.
(‘Meeting Amour’ Κείμενο-Εικονογράφηση Λίλα Κίσσα-Φραγκομίχαλου)

Τίτλος: Path of Awareness

Διάσταση: Α3 (30x42cm)

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