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The Creator

Lila Kissa born in 1976, was raised and completed her studies in Athens, Greece. She graduated from the Philosophy School of Athens University with the degree of French Literature. The last 15 years she lives with her husband and daughter in the island of Chios, and her greatest motif in life is to make people to dream more. As fantasy author and illustrator, in 2011 she created the Angel Eyes Dreamworld combining her two main callings -painting and writing. Her goal is to revive the genre of illustrated novel. Her books and illustrations have been awarded in several literary and artistic competitions in her country. So far she has published in Greek language the following illustrated fantasy novels:

  • Angel Eyes Book I: Guardians (2016)
  • Angel Eyes Book II: The path (2017)
  • Angel Eyes Book III: Destination (2018)
  • Angel Eyes Book IV: Silver Priestess (2019)
  • Inari: The Seven Hearted Dragon (2019)
  • The Roaring Forest (2020)
  • Underworld Book I: Azrael’s Immortals (2021)
  • Angel Eyes Book V: Beyond the Stars (2022)
  • Underworld Book II: Circle of the Female Divine (2022)